RoboVM Presenter Update in 0.32 Archetypes

Just a quick note. The RoboVM iOS presenter version 1.7 Maven artifact had wrong dependencies. It missed dependency on org.netbeans.html:generic:1.7 artifact.

As a result the 0.31 archetypes were broken - DukeScript application wasn’t able to launch with RoboVM. One could always fix the missing dependency manually:


Yet there is no longer need for patching theclient-ios/pom.xml by hand. The RoboVM iOS presenter version 1.7.1 is out. Use it instead of 1.7 version.

There are also 0.32 Maven archetypes using it. Newly generated applications are going to be correct. Enjoy and talkback if something else isn’t working for you when using DukeScript!