Dukehoff donates core DukeScript presenters to Apache NetBeans

(Munich) On October 11th 2019, Dukehoff GmbH has signed the Apache Corporate Contributor License Agreement for a Software Grant to donate the DukeScript base presenters to Apache NetBeans.

The Apache NetBeans Java/HTMLAPI allows developers to write applications in Java with an HTML-based user interface. These applications can be deployed to any platforms where a presenter is available.

The presenters provide the glue between Java and JavaScript code in such an application. They make sure that Java methods with JavaScriptBody annotation can properly pass their parameters to the JavaScript engine and receive results back. Apache NetBeans solely provides implementations for deployment on desktop via the JavaFX WebView and for static web pages through bck2brwsr.

Since 2015 Dukehoff GmbH has been providing additional presenters for iOS and Android Apps, JXBrowser and to multiple different desktop browsers as part of the DukeScript project.

These commercial quality presenters are based on a common set of libraries which implement common generic tasks and make it easy to create new implementations. With this software grant Dukehoff GmbH donates the following libraries and presenters to Apache NetBeans:

  • render - a way to start a browser - using native GTK (on Linux and Mac OS X), AWT or CLI

  • generic - ProtoPresenterBuilder & co. - core implementation of a presenter that handles connection between JavaScript VM and Java VM via a textual protocol - very portable

  • browser - uses of ProtoPresenterBuilder to start a local server and let a browser connect to it

  • webkit - native presenter for Linux and Mac OS X that uses WebKit via JNA

The donation has been officially accepted by the Apache community.