Classpath Exception for the Presenters

The presenters for iOS as well as Android are (even more) free now! Since version 1.6 we are changing the license of the presenters to GPLv2 with Classpath Exception - e.g. the same license the Java core libraries are using. That means more freedom for the users of these presenters. The viral nature of pure GPLv2 is gone. Use the presenters to build any applications - open source as well as commercial - it is easy to get started:

$ mvn archetype:generate

Of course you can choose from crud4j-archetype, knockout4j-archetype and visual-archetype as usual - more at getting started page.

So the presenters, as well as associated infrastructure are free for use. Just, in case you fix something in the presenters code itself, obey their GPLv2 license. Btw. a final teaser - the infrastructure (e.g. generic presenter & co.) is under consideration to be donated to Apache NetBeans project sometime in the (near) future.

Time to enjoy the freedom of HTML5 and Java!