Appium Integration Tests for Android

One of our customers is using DukeScript for controlling iot devices via Bluetooth Low Energy. This works great, but it needs to be tested on multiple real devices. Emulators won’t be sufficient here, because they can’t use Bluetooth.


The most popular tool for integration testing on mobile devides is Appium. So in this project, we’re using Appium to run our integration tests on iOS and Android devices. Since we thought that might be of interest to many of our users, we created a demo project to document the important steps:

Appium Cloud

As you’ll notice when you’re trying to install it first, Appium is a beast with it’s many dependencies. Fortunately there’s several vendors who offer to run your tests in the cloud. So, if you don’t need to interact with real bluettoth devices, an easy way to get your app tested on many different devices is to use one of these “Appium Compatible Clouds”:

… and hundreds more