Debug Android with Archetypes 0.28

Simpligility guys have just released new version of their Android Maven plugin which fixes debugger attaching issue in Apache NetBeans when debugging the projects on Android device or simulator. DukeScript archetypes has been updated to use that plugin. Debugging should now work like a charm.

Using the latest plugin is as simple as usually:

$ mvn archetype:generate

Of course you can choose from crud4j-archetype, knockout4j-archetype and visual-archetype as usual - more at getting started page.

NetBeans is on Maven Central

Meanwhile Apache NetBeans managed to upload its version 11.0 to Maven Central. As such our archetypes don’t have to rely on special repository and can get all the NetBeans bits from the central.

HTML/Java 1.6.1

The NetBeans project also released new version of their HTML/Java API. The new archetypes switch to that version as well.

Time to do some testing! Use Apache NetBeans 11 and debug!